25 May 2019 | 2D | Others
Genre: Documentary | Ratings:
Somboon (Thai Film)

Director: Krissada Tipchaimeta
Cast: Lamaid Ruekkhumyee, Somboon Ruekkhumyee
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This documentary tells a heartfelt love story of a suburban Grandpa Somboon towards Grandma Miad in their last period of married life. Their mutual love has lasted for over 45 years even though their marriage is pre-arranged by their parents. The film focuses on the time when Grandma Miad is disabled because of her acute kidney failure. But Grandpa Somboon is still staying by her side and always taking good care of her until her last day. Despite their pre-arranged marriage, they never have strife but fulfilled their family life by well performing their mutual duty as husband and wife, parents of their offsprings and grandparents of their grandchildren. They have both cherished their eternal love planted by them and can be sensed by heart without having to utter a single sweet word.

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